Mastectomy, the nightmare of every woman

For the past three months,we have been having a discussion about mastectomy. For our new readers, a mastectomy is the complete surgical removal of a breast, due to breast cancer.

Statistically, breast cancer is one of the leading cancers among women right now, with majority of them being diagnosed in the late stages, leading to mastectomy.

After a mastectomy, a large number of women go into depression. Apart from the obvious reason that they have lost part of their identity, there is the stigma that accompanies it. We have had women tell us they they were divorced after surgery, because their husbands thought of them as incomplete and not being worthy of running a family. Some of them are banned from attending social gatherings for the fear of them being contagious and cursed and that they might pass down the curse to the rest of the community.  

In our modern society, women have now become the sole breadwinners in their families and majority of them have solid careers that they good at and enjoy. Mastectomy is therefore one the worst nightmares a woman can ever have. This is because of their inability to be accommodated in the society, which results into most of them letting go of their once flourishing careers because of the fear of fitting in the society, due to the cruelty that comes with it.

To help these women, we are running a campaign that aims at providing them with breast prosthesis and mastectomy bras, just to help them regain the women they were before breast cancer hit home. This will help them regain their lives, reduce the stigmatization they go through on a daily basis and also help them regain their careers. The breast prosthesis and mastectomy are expensive, with a pair ranging between Ksh. 25,000 and Ksh. 30,000 hence the low income breast cancer survivor is unable to afford them.

Help us reach out to these women through supporting our project on global giving.

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