Advocacy & Awareness

Our mission at Eddah’s Hope is to mobilize and strengthen cancer awareness among the youth and young adults to help improve the outcome in early detection which leads to prevention of cancer.
We believe information is power and therefore we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that the youth and young adults have correct and accurate information on cancer to help them take necessary precautions and make sound life choices that will reflect positively in their lives and help live cancer free lives with minimum risks.
To ensure that this is a success, we have formed projects that help us achieve our goal.
These are:

  1. The Young #CancerSoldiers Movement (YCSM)
  2. Cancer Awareness Days
  3. Call To Care

Young #Cancersoldier Movement

This is a project that entails creating cancer awareness in high schools and universities across the country.

We believe that these are the leaders of tomorrow, therefore equipping them with accurate information is key in future policy making and also ensuring that the future generation is protected against cancer, as well as creating an army of future #cancersoldiers who are passionate about fighting cancer.

We have awareness days spread across the year in schools across the country. Events that are filled with fun, to help boost their concentration as well as not to make Cancer sound sad and grim.

Cancer Awareness Days

These are Awareness days for young adults in the corporate sector. We have days planned, depending on the different corporates’ needs, where we get to talk about cancer, address myths and misconceptions that society deems accurate as well as address questions posed to us.

To boost the efficiency, screening is usually done and follow up of suspicious cases done, to ensure that they are well taken care of.

Call to Care

Oftentimes, the society associates Cancer with death. Sometimes, it becomes hard for patients to have a smooth recovery journey due to the stigma and labeling.

Call to care is a project that is tailor made to educate the general public on palliative care and the importance of patient support in their recovery journey.

We also have planned visits to hospices where we get to spend time with the patients and donated much needed items.

Mama Eddah’s Memorial Fund

Mothers are important people in our lives. They are often the pillars in our lives, making the most sacrifices just to make sure that their children are okay and that they provide for them to the best of their ability.
Sometimes, they forgo their happiness for our own and even sacrifice their health so as to take care of their families.
At Eddah’s Hope, we love and care for our mothers. We believe that no mother should be put in a position where they have to choose between their families and their health.
Therefore,this program is for our mothers. It entails paying NHIF for stage one and two breast cancer patients and helping them have access to professional medical care from diagnosis to recovery.
Under this program, we have the following projects:

  1. Breasts; They Need Your Support
  2. Costume Parade
  3. Charity Gala Dinner
  4. Swings Against Cancer
  5. Movember

Breasts; They Need Your Support

This is a project that sees to it that our mothers self esteem is restored after a mastectomy, through donating mastectomy bras and breast prosthesis to deserving mothers who have undergone mastectomy.

As of March 2020, we have been able to donate 420 mastectomy kits to breast #cancersoldiers in Embu, Nairobi, Machakos, Makueni, Nyamira and Mombasa counties. The kits are quite costly, with one retailing for KES. 35,000 therefore we have to vet the patient’s needs before donations so as to reach the ones who are not in a position to afford one.

We have other locations scheduled as well, please see the “events” tab to see where we will be next.

Costume Parade

This is a charity walk aimed at raising funds to help with paying the NHIF medical cover for our mothers in their stage and two breast cancer.

We also have breast cancer screening and free consultation at the end of the walk, open to the general public

Charity Gala Dinner

One of our values is “fun”. We believe that cancer should not be a Grimm subject to talk about. The Gala Dinner is a night of fun, where #cancersoldiers get to dress up and come together to share a meal as they share their experiences in the fight against cancer. The challenges they are facing as well as the milestones achieved.

It also serves as a fundraising event for the memorial fund, with the proceeds going towards helping mothers access professional medical care.

Swings Against Cancer

This is an annual charity golf event, aimed at creating awareness on breast cancer as well as raise funds towards the fight against breast cancer.


We care about our men as much as we care about our women. This project is dedicated to the men in our society, where in the month of November we get to speak about men’s health, specifically testicular and prostate cancer.

We have fun events spread across the month to get our men involved. Women are also welcome to join in and learn a thing or two about their men.

Proceeds from these events go towards organizing for a medical camp for our kings and patient support for our queens fighting breast cancer.

Your kind gift enables us to create awareness and alleviate the cancer burden experienced by families in Africa.