Walk With A Mum

Eddah's Hope Cancer Foundation was founded in 2012 by Issaji Moussah, after he lost his mum to breast cancer. The organization has been embarking on a mission to ensure that we play an active role in ensuring that we are actively involved in reducing the number of mothers dying from breast cancer by providing access to timely and professional medical care through paying NHIF for low income mothers and their families to enable them have access to this life saving alternative, leaving the, to focus on what is important, being a mother and focusing on their recovery journey.
To ensure that these mothers have a wholesome and complete life after breast cancer, we have been running a program dubbed “Breast They Need Your Support” which involves donating mastectomy bras and breast prosthesis to women who have undergone mastectomy. The latter is costly, with a complete silicon set retailing at Ksh. 35,000, which is way too costly for low income patients to acquire.
With the help of our partners and the general public,we have been able to impact and change the lives of 350 breast cancer soldiers in 6 counties; Machakos, Makueni, Nyamira, Nairobi, Embu and Mombasa, through donating mastectomy kits to deserving breast cancer survivors.
We have also partnered with Nairobi Hospice in the past and donated food items to needy families with mothers fighting breast cancer. We believe that this has played a role to help with their recovery journey.
Cancer treatment in Kenya has proven to be unbearable, due to its expensive nature, with patients seeking basic treatment for breast cancer paying between Ksh. 175,200 and Ksh. 1.98 million, while the cost shoots upto between Ksh. 758,000 and Ksh. 2.48 million, with surgery, which could be either a lumpectomy, quadrantectomy, partial mastectomy or segmental mastectomy is involved.
With the majority of the population being medium to low income earners, the cost of treatment becomes a burden to them and their families and are forced to choose between getting treatment or fending for their families.
Unfortunately, the majority choose the latter and default on treatment, waiting for the worst to happen. For those who can somewhat afford, they only do it for sometime until their funds are
depleted, which results in them defaulting on treatment.
To help these deserving mothers, we launched our new program dubbed “Journey with a mum” which entails paying NHIF health cover for low income mothers with their stage 1 and 2 breast cancer. This is because it is easier to manage Cancer during its first two stages and the chances of full recovery is high. We have also been fortunate to have Kijabe Mission Hospital as our partners on this program and we are also working on getting more partners on board to help us get to more patients who need our help. Our goal is to reach out to 120 women, with an average of 10 women per month by the end of 2021.

So far, we have been able to cover NHIF fees for 3 patients at a total cost of Ksh.18,000 as well as seen them through their recovery journey through donating food items, mastectomy kits and
the needed psychological help. Your support, in any capacity, will go a long way in making the program a success and creating a positive impact in the lives of these women.
We are the #cancersoldiers family and showing up for our family is what we do best, so I believe that we got this.