Our Role

We are keen on the Youth. Our programs are centered around empowering the young people through capacity building, partnering with cancer screening service providers and sharing information on health care providers. Our focus includes:

  • Cancer-based program development and health education for disadvantaged youth
  • Offering screening programs for youth populations in marginalized areas
  • Improving awareness among the general public on health care providers, as well as how to best access effective health services
  • Lobbying government bodies to further subsidize the costs on screening and treatment of cancer among the youth.
  • Engaging donors and government bodies to help in the identification of feasible and affordable health practices
  • Lobbying for legislative changes to deal with the risk factors of cancer such as tobacco, alcohol abuse and unhealthy lifestyles.
  • Engaging cancer societies, research and treatment centers, patient support groups, and survivors at the local, national and global levels—to assist in a broad spectrum of activity from fundraising, research, advocacy, and health education to cancer surveillance, treatment and care.
  • Developing synergistic partnerships across sectors (education, labor, finance, and development) and with key stakeholders (government, United Nations agencies, civil society organizations, and the private sector where appropriate)
  • Leveraging existing public health infrastructure is an important strategy for cancer control in low-and middle-income communities, where resources to address the burden of chronic disease are limited. Collaborations with existing infectious disease programs around the world are increasing capacity for cancer control.

Our Impact

People screened in the Cancer Mtaani initiative

Students sensitized through YCSM initiative

Patients touched through the Call to Care project

Families paid for NHIF


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