Our Mandate:

Our passion is to offer sustainable solutions by mobilizing and sensitizing the youth, the needy and the marginalized in Kenya on the prevention, management and treatment of cancer in Kenya.

Cancer is a silent killer that moves in undetectable waves affecting populations. We believe that by empowering the society, especially the youth who are diagnosed and affected by cancer, there will be a ripple effect towards the creation of a cancer-free African generation.

Our Vision and Mission


To create cancer-free African generation


To be the leading preventive cancer organization in Africa

Our History

Eddah’s Hope Cancer Foundation was established in 2011 and officially registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in May 2013. Founded after the loss of Mama Eddah, the foundation has been able to fulfill its mandate by running sensitization programs and campaigns that provide free and easy access to cancer-related information and support.

As the target group is mainly the youth, the programs and campaigns evolve around fun and youthful activities that create an environment for easier dissemination of information as well as set the stage on establishing ways of offering support.

Our Objectives

  • Create the largest following in Africa of youth leading healthy lifestyles through the #Cancersoldier movement
  • Create a hub of cancer knowledge transfer
  • Catalyze research into detection, prevention and treatment of cancer
  • Train the largest number of community health workers (focusing on cancer)

Our Core Values

Compassion- We stand by each other in times of need and empathize with #Cancerwarriors and #Cancersoldiers by offering our time and resources

Fun- We take an entertaining approach in implementing our engagements while maintaining a positive and exciting work environment.

Innovation- We develop and adopt unique and interactive ideas/ways in the fight against cancer

Professionalism- We exercise the highest level of efficiency and competency to our stakeholders and ourselves

Integrity- We uphold consistent moral and ethical standards

The Programs

The first paragraph remains as it is

The second one should read as follows:

Our projects are derived from four main complementing functional areas:

  • Compassion
  • Advocacy & Capacity Building
  • Research
The Founder

Message from the Founder

Growing up, my mum was the strongest person I knew. Her tenacity and determination to ensure my brother and I had what we needed when growing up was unmatched; there was no limit (typical of any good mother) to what she would do to make us happy. I saw this spirited resolve throughout my life, even when she was diagnosed with Cancer.

Like my family, cancer continues to affect millions of families across the world. The developing world is especially afflicted as poverty, corruption, illiteracy, misdiagnosis caused by lack of capacity as well as inadequacy of facilities and access to professional medical assistance remain widespread.

Through the process of dealing with my mum’s disease and my healing, I realized that young adults - the group most affected by this disease - play a pivotal role in the fight against cancer. The immense psychological, physical and financial toll incurred while fighting cancer can be averted by encouraging young adults to embrace a preventive culture and by empowering others with the knowledge they have.

Mama Eddah

Mama Eddah’s Story

It is often said that there is no love like a mother’s love – it is the catalyst through which every child’s dreams, values, goals and aspirations are validated and founded. It is the intricate fabric from which our lives are formed, nurtured and established. The absence or demise of a mother brings about an unbearable sense of loss and pain that cripples us in depths and ways that are inconsolable and irreparable – an experience from which many never heal or recover.

The feeling wasn’t any different in Mama Eddah’s household. This single parent single-handedly raised two sons, ably playing the role of father and mother to her fast growing boys. This was no easy task for a business woman forced to juggle skills and resources against life’s unrelenting challenges to ensure that her children lacked nothing.

Immediately after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Mama Eddah embarked on what would be the greatest fight of her life against one of the most dangerous killers in the world. With minimal financial resources at her disposal, she would visit an affordable chemist at Mumbi House, purchase the chemotherapy drugs and head to Kenyatta National Hospital for treatment.

This routine went on for four cycles (four months) before she took her friends’ advice and turned to Chinese herbal medicine.

As fate would have it, the effect of abandoning main stream medicine revealed itself in bouts of hypertension, diabetes and a swollen arm, not to mention that the cancer had been given room to metastasis (spread) like a wild fire, it did not relent. The frequency of hospital visitations abounded as she sought specialized care.

With no steady income, basic daily survival soon became a challenge. With her health deteriorating rapidly, someone had to step in and take care of her. That person was Issaji, her first born son. He would later attest to the fact that watching his mother suffer such excruciating pain with nothing to ease the pain and watching her condition worsen especially during the last days, was one of the most difficult things he had ever experienced. The financial cost involved in just relieving her pain and ensuring that she was comfortable was a logistical nightmare with endless hospital admissions, ongoing loans and ever-increasing hospital deposits. This extraordinary mayhem became the order of the day for her son as he fought alongside his beloved mother for her life.

The cancer did not relent, bringing a once healthy seventy something kilogram lady to a weakly diaper stage person in full view of her two sons. All attempts to fight it were met by onslaughts of brutal attack over and over again with the cancer rearing its ugly head with no remorse or sympathy. The struggle would go on for seven arduous years, and with each year this once healthy, hardworking mother of two was brought closer and closer to her knees.

One chilly Friday morning (May 11th, 2012), Mama Eddah slid into what would be her last coma. With a faint heart beat little could be done; the cancer had spread into her bones and any attempts to resuscitate her would have added more pain to her already weak body. Right in front of her sons, her curtain fell and Mama Eddah rested.

This would mark a beginning of a movement that Issaji would later describe as a fighting ring to ensure that others would not experience what he went through; that no young person would have to watch their parent or loved one go through such a terrible ordeal, totally helpless and broken. Fueled with passion and sense of responsibility, EDDAH’S HOPE CANCER FOUNDATION was born to ensure that the fight against cancer would be solidified by creating awareness through fun activities, disseminating valuable health information and offering support – all to bring forth a compassionate cancer free generation.

The Regiment

The Generals

George Lutta

Board Chairperson

Issaji Moussah.

Board Secretary

Lydia Kiboro

Board Treasurer

Shanna Mahihu-Nyambok

Board Member

Michael Kimani

Board Member

Meet the #Cancersoldiers that make it happen

Elsie Iyadi

Heads of Program

Waithira Kimani

Senior Program Coordinator

Victor Cheborion

Resource Mobilization

Magdaline Mukami

Outreach and Communications Coordinator

Allan Mugoh

Creative Designer

Martin Theuri

Creative Designer

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