EHCF Membership is open to all #Cancersoldiers above the age of 18 years, irrespective of tribe, gender, race or religion, who accept its principles and policies, and are prepared to abide by its constitution, rules and regulations, in accordance with the provisions of the Non – Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Act.

Membership Dues

  • Lifetime Membership: 50, 000 / 500 USD
  • Annual Membership: 5, 000 / 50 USD
  • Student Membership: 500 / 5 USD

The Membership is payable as a lump sum or in installments over a 3 month (Annual) or 6 month (Lifetime) period.

Others who may apply for membership include: Minors under the consent of their guardian or parent.

EHCF Membership benefits.

  1. General Benefits
  • Automated Membership cards.
  • Automatic enrolment to our Reward Scheme
  • Eligibility to vie and vote for EHCF Board Membership
  • Member Mixer: fun opportunities to connect with fellow #Cancersoldiers
  • Special offers and discounts from our partners and sponsors
  • Discounts on our official / limited edition merchandise.
  • Exclusive invitations and discounts or complimentary tickets for our events
  1. Lifetime Membership Benefits
  • New members receive Special recognition and an Inscribed plaque at our annual AGM
  • Acknowledgement and listing on our website
  1. Student Membership Benefits
  • Priority internship opportunities at EHCF or Partner Organizations
  • Enrollment into #Cancersoldiers Mentorship program
  • Student members get recommendation letters

Duties and Responsibilities of Members

EHCF members have the Responsibility to:

Take a full and active part in the discussion, formulation and implementation of the policy of the organization through:

  • Submitting proposals or statements through the appropriate structures.
  • Offering suggestions / ideas on policies, programs and / or activities of EHCF within its structures.
  • Contributing information on all aspects of EHCF policy and activities.
  • Take part in elections and be elected or appointed to a specific committee or delegation of the EHCF.

EHCF members have the duty to:

Be actively involved in the fight against cancer irrespective of their location. All members shall:

  • Ensure that they are registered as a #Cancersoldier.
  • Share the aims, and policies of the EHCF to others.
  • Take all necessary steps to understand and carry out the aims, policy of EHCF.
  • Deepen their understanding or acquaint themselves with information regarding cancer.
  • Fight stigmatization or any form of discrimination against those diagnosed with or affected by cancer.
  • Observe discipline, behave honestly and carry and uphold our values

Membership dues help support EHCF’s Research, Awareness, Education and Support programs for Cancer among the youth, needy persons and those in marginalized areas.

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